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Skin diseases are the 4th most frequent cause of all human disease, affecting almost one-third of the world's population. Only in the US, there are over 16 million adults suffering from atopic dermatitis. ⁠
Yet there are more fashion lines available for pets than for people with compromised skin. ⁠

I founded FEEL GOOD COUTURE™ to address this gap and to destigmatize & normalize skin conditions. 

Building the positive change in an ethical way is my highest priority, therefore I work exclusively with partners, manufactories, and suppliers who:⁠

+ have strong INTEGRITY = they do the right thing even when no one else is around.

+ are TRANSPARENT = say what they mean, and mean what they say.⁠

+ genuinely CARE of people, animals, and our Mother Earth.⁠

I pay fair living wages and I require the same from my partners, manufactories, and suppliers.⁠
I buy bio fabrics from certified suppliers and I don't use the animal products at all.
The FEEL GOOD COUTURE™ garment is produced locally in Europe (Portugal, Spain, and Italy) to lower the emission of CO2.
I refuse to take any shortcuts or cut corners.

All because I CARE.⁠

And I agree, there are easiest and less expensive ways to build an apparel brand, but that's not how the things are done here.

I believe that fashion shouldn't cost lives & the Earth; and that quality, health, and trust are priceless.⁠





Established in 2014 by innovator Regina Polanco, and run by a Y-generation team, PYRATES smart fabrics develops and supplies its eco-responsible & quality driven innovative PYRATEX® fabrics.

PYRATEX® are luxury knit fabrics produced from either vegetal, upcycled, or biodegradable fibres. These vegetal fibres originate from different plants, giving the fabric its unique body-caring properties. 

All PYRATEX® are knit in Europe, thus increasing their capacity to control and have full traceability of their production chain and techniques, processing and managing each order from scratch, as well as reducing the distance, and therefore CO2 emissions, between each step.

Their factory in Italy, where they produce their PYRATEX®, owns the Tessile e Salute certificate, which deals with eco-toxicology in the Textile and Fashion industries by monitoring and evaluating the various phases of an article’s entire production chain.

Their Spanish and Portuguese factories, where they have recently starting producing some of their PYRATEX® fabric, are REACH certified, ensuring they comply with the improvement of the protection of human health and the environment from the risks of chemicals.



my business partner who cares of production of FEEL GOOD COUTURE™ garment. They are not a production site but a crucial link between FEEL GOOD COUTURE™ and the factory.

They carefully select the partners they work with. Currently they have the partnership with factories in Italy, Bulgaria, and Turkey. All of their factories are respecting the Oeko-Tex Standards. They regularly do the Quality control of all their factories and often manage visits of their customers to their factories.

Among their activities their are co-founders of a coworking space in Turin, Ultraspazio (, which is as well the place Superstile uses for its activitiesThey are committed to increasing the well-being of people and our Planet and efficiency of work spaces through the use of natural materials and IoT technologies, supporting the circular economy, and reducing energy waste by prioritising the virtual meetings.



- is a leading company in the clothing and accessories printing sector that is committed to operating in compliance with sustainability, adopting an environmental policy and an internal code of ethics that influence not only the work of every day, but also investments and future activities.

They have developed an internal protocol to respect the environment, using only inks fitting to the Italian and EU rules and laws, and a system to recycle the water used to print. With this system they are recycling and saving more than 70% of the water used.

Screen printing is still an artisanal activity, therefore not all the prepared ink is always fully used. However, FLORIDI GROUP recycle and transform over 70% of the waste into new black ink.

FLORIDI GROUP uses inks and chemical auxiliaries that comply with the latest regulations in force and come only from suppliers who also operate in compliance with sustainability and promote constant updating in this regard.
They  sensitize all their staff to respect the environment and always keep them trained and updated.



All my Partners comply with the European Union's laws and regulations regarding child labour, forced labour, worker safety, freedom of association (the right to join a union), gender equality and payment of a living wage, being submitted to regular audits from the corresponding local authorities to make sure they comply.  

Working with European partners and having full traceability and control over the production chain, from fiber to final fabric, allow us to make sure these policies are implemented and respected, as they fall within European laws.

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