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...and how to relieve your eczema-prone skin of its emotional burden.


Have you ever thought what your troubled skin is trying to DO for you?

"Is it trying to satisfy the primary needs of love, respect, and protection or to resolve the problems that arose when these needs were not fulfilled years ago?"

There is no doubt that mind-skin connection is real.⁠

As Dr Grossbart says, our skin leads an emotional life of its own filled with the feeling we avoided to protect ourselves from pain. Our skin feels for us. It can't talk in words, but its emotional language may consist "angry rash" of eczema or an outbreak of shingles and psoriasis. 

Like many spiritual people, I believe that all illness has a physical and spiritual cause. ⁠

Louise Hay in her book "You Can Heal Your Life" wrote that eczema is a sign of "Breath-taking antagonism. Mental eruption."

Dr Ted Grossbart in "Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Progam for Healthy Skin" says that eczema is the cry for love, protection, and respect.

Many healers believe that eczema basically means that someone or something gets under our skin.

There is no doubt that eczema is a humbling reminder to stay present and "in your body".


I feel that eczema arises when we’re trying to avoid our truth.


Since a couple of months, I’ve been digging deep into my mind in order to find out the root cause of my biggest eruptions of eczema. I won't lie, it's a painful process because I have to face the events and fears I swept under the rug of consciousness many years ago.

But this work is paramount for healing.


Dr Grossbart says that to start relieving your skin of its emotional burden, we must identify and understand the tasks it is working to accomplish.


According to him, there are 11 most common tasks that your skin tries to do for you:

  1. Your skin is crying out for love and protection.
  2. Your skin is raging
  3. Your skin is trying to control
  4. Your skin is playing a sexual policeman
  5. Your skin is rewriting history
  6. Your skin is suffering for love
  7. Your skin is loyal
  8. Your skin is remembering
  9. Your skin is telling forbidden truth
  10. Your skin is trying to stop time
  11. Your skin is telling the world you’re not perfect.

To read the full description of each task, go here.

I strongly encourage you to read the whole book because it's truly eye-opening and full of gold nuggets. 

I've been working with the therapist for a while now and it becomes more and more evident that my troubled skin is crying out for love, protection, and respect. As a child, I spent my first 7 years in the hospitals, first because of my severe asthma and recurring bronchitis, and later because of my two open-heart surgeries. Often, I was separated for long months from my mum who loved and protected me.


Research shows that kids need to be cuddled, hugged, kissed from birth until they reach 7-8 years of age. These type of skin and physical contact is one of the most important stimulations required for the healthy development of a child.


Fast forward few years and I was fired and humiliated in front of many people for my eczema on hands. I have never felt so disrespected and degraded before.

Our skin is our best GPS. We just haven’t been shown how to interpret the messages it provides. Also, we don’t like facing the painful feelings we suppress to protect ourselves.

However, if you’re suffering from a skin disease and traditional treatments alone don’t seem to work, which is my case, chances are that the solution to your skin issues could be in your head. Maybe it’s time to reach for help. In the end, there is a reason why eczema is called a psychosomatic disorder (a disease which involves both mind and body).

Now it's your turn, comment below which part resonated with you the most.

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